TopLine Fence Tape 200m - 10mm white-black

Item number: 260211

Länge: 200 m

Breite: 10 mm

Farbe: weiß-schwarz

max. empf. Zaunlänge: 3.000 m

Widerstand O/m: 0.644

Anzahl Leiter: 4

TRICOND: 0,25mm

Bruchlast: 60 kg  

Category: Polytape

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TopLine Fence Tape 200m - 10mm white-black

AKO TopLine PLUS Tapes guarantee excellent conductivity and longevity for medium to long fences. In contrast to rust-proof wire, the tapes, wires and cables offered by the TopLine PLUS range are equipped with our new TriCOND conducting material, boasting 5 x higher conductivity. In other words, you can use 5 x longer fences or transport 5 x more power to areas in contact with animals = 5 x more security

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