PremiumLine Fence Tape 200m - 12,5mm

SKU: 260193

GTIN: 4018653074121

Länge: 200 m

Breite: 12.5 mm

Farbe: weiß / grün

max. empf. Zaunlänge: 7.500 m

Widerstand O/m: 0.25

Anzahl Leiter: 5

Niroleiter: 3 x 0.20 mm

Kupferleiter verzinnt: 2 x 0.20 mm

Bruchlast: 80 kg 

Category: Polytape

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PremiumLine Fence Tape 200m - 12,5mm

AKO PremiumLine Tapes guarantee maximum conductivity and herding safety, even for the longest of fences. The use of thick tin-plated copper conductors means that conductivity is 40 times higher than that achieved by traditional conductor materials.
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