Parisol Horse-Gloss 3in1, 10000ml

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Parisol Horse-Gloss 3in1

More gloss ? less grooming

Perfect gloss and a healthy look are important for a good performance in sport and leisure.

This newly developed coat gloss, mane and tail spray gives a silky and long-lasting lustre. Skin-friendly silicone oils which are used in human cosmetics give an extraordinary result. The long hair remains free of knots ? and at the same time there is a powerful dust and dirt-repelling effect. The effect of Parisol Horse Gloss 3in1 lasts for up to 2 weeks. The cleaning times are therefore considerably reduced!

With use in the mane and tail the long hair becomes unknotted automatically. This means the hair is easy to comb after use ? a long time is no longer needed to thin the mane and tail. Dirt can also be brushed out without problem.

The coat gets a lustrous and long-lasting gloss. The natural coat colour is also enhanced. Dust and dirt and encrustation can not become established and are easy to brush out. With white horses regular use even protects against yellow or grass spots.

Parisol Horse Gloss 3in1 can be washed out without problem with shampoo.


Apply evenly in the already cleaned hair. Then let it dry and brush it afterwards.

Spray bottle, 250 ml
Spray bottle, 750 ml
Canister, 2500 ml
Canister, 5000 ml
Canister, 10000 ml
Canister, 25000 ml

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