Miniline Nylon Halter "Petit" lemon Size 4 Minishetty big

Item number: 180014-0052

Miniline, Nylonhalter ''Petit'' Minishetty's, American Miniaturhorse and Falabellas

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Miniline, Nylonhalter ''Petit''

Miniline our halterline for the smallest!!!

These halters are especially made for the sizes of Minishetty's, American Miniaturhorse and Falabellas.

  • 2- fold adjustable via thorn buckles
  • Chrome fittingd
  • Soft material

Sizes:     1 = Minishetty foal small

                2 = Minishetty foal/yearling

                3 = Minishetty small             

                4 = Minishetty big

Colours : orange, red, pink, green, light blue, blue, black