Linseed Oil cold-pressed 1000ml

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Linseed Oil cold-pressed


Top quality linseed oil

Linseed Oil is rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that the body can not make itself. As a healthy source of energy, linseed oil is highly digestible without protein load. Regular feeding stimulates digestion and gives the coat a natural shine. Boost vitality and motivation and optimises the metabolism. Linseed oil is especially useful for feeding to poor doers, during recovery and coat changes, to broodmares and foals for improving fertility, growth and organ development, as well as for adding to the daily feed ration.

Feeding instructions:

For training 50–100 ml / day · For hard work 150–350 ml / day · 3 to 8 weeks maximum

Please note, that with respect to the export guidelines of the manufacturer, we are not able to send care products of the brands „B&E“, „Parisol“ and additional feeds of the brand „Bense & Eicke” abroad. Delivery is only possible within Germany.

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