Leather Oil, 5000 ml

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Leather Oil

The tried and tested leather oil in clear and black

The liquid care product for all types of smooth leather. Genuine fish oil and high-grade oils make the leather soft and supple. Leather Oil permeates well – it nourishes, cares and makes leather waterproof. Particularly suitable for caring for harnesses, belts, snaffles etc. – the life is extended on a lasting basis.

This product is guaranteed to be resin and acid-free.

Contains: high-grade oils, genuine fish oil



Apply thinly and evenly to the already cleaned leather with a soft cloth or brush. Then leave for a while to take effect.

Bottle, 500 ml
Bottle, 1000 ml
Canister, 2500 ml
Canister, 5000 ml
Canister, 10000 ml
Canister, 25000 ml

Please note, that with respect to the export guidelines of the manufacturer, we are not able to send care products of the brands „B&E“, „Parisol“ and additional feeds of the brand „Bense & Eicke” abroad. Delivery is only possible within Germany.

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