Hoof Ointment, 5000ml

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Hoof Ointment

The original with genuine laurel leaf oil

Hoof Ointment penetrates deep into the hoof, regulates the moisture and aids horn stability. With high-grade oils and Vaseline the hoof is protected from becoming dried out in the summer and also from softening because of penetrating moisture. Genuine bay leaf oil also ensures healthy hoof horn growth.
Daily use keeps the hoof flexible and prevents hoof diseases.
Available in the colours: green, black and yellow

Contains: Vaseline, laurel oil, laurel leaf oil, lanolin


After cleaning hoofs apply with a brush to the outer hoof wall and the coronet border region daily.

Bucket, 500 ml
Bucket, 1000 ml
Bucket, 2500 ml
Bucket, 5000 ml
Bucket, 10000 ml
Hobbock, 25000 ml


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