EQUIGEL Cooling and soothing gel, 1000 ml DRUG FREE - sold only as sales unit (12 pieces)

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Cooling and soothing gel


No camphor ? no doping

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Equigel® DRUG FREE 

Cooling and soothing gel


No camphor ? no doping


Equigel® is produced according to the SOFT-SLIDE-PLUS method developed by us (it sticks tothe coat and does not run down). It is a deep-care product for cooling and refreshing the horse?s legs after exertion. Its deep action is quick, reliable and long lasting. The carefully selected cooling ingredients and the aromatic oils well known for their caring properties give the horse soothing refreshment right after application. This refreshment improves the blood circulation and a very effective relaxation of muscles, tendons and joints starts. The refreshing and reactivating components of Equigel® are easily noticeable. You can use Equigel® before or after an exertion and the effect is quick and reliable. Despite its deep action Equigel® contains no camphor and can be used for competition horses, too.

Equigel® is absolutely non-toxic.



First make sure that the areas where you want to apply Equigel® are clean and absolutely free of any other remedies or drugs. Apply Equigel® and rub in gently.

For a long lasting effect apply richly a second layer.

Thanks to the SOFT-SLIDE-PLUS method Equigel® sticks to the coat without running down and stays on the coat even as a thick layer. Do not use a bandage after application. In case of a long-term use the skin should be washed with Equigold® Premium shampoo now and then. Before the next application the skin should be completely dry again.

Equigel® must not be applied to mucous membranes or irritated skin.


Note: The rider can use Equigel® for him/herself and his/her family, e.g. for a seized-up back. You will be fascinated by the relaxing and soothing effect of Equigel®.


Available sizes: 500 ml - 1000 ml

Sold only as sales unit (12 pieces)