EQUIFIX Oil Soap, 500 ml - sold only as sales unit (12 pieces)

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Equifix® Oil Soap


Cleans and cares for leather, brushing boots, grooming equipment, bits, halters and other tack


Now at last ? the general cleaning and care product for the stable!


Equifix® Oil Soap is the unique all-round cleaning and caring agent in the stables!

As far as their properties and effectiveness are concerned, many oil soaps have been

manufactured for industrial and similar purpose and therefore they are not suited for

equestrian use. However, Equifix® Oil Soap comes up to the highest demand of the rider. It both cleans and cares for almost any material.

Leather tack as e.g. saddle and bridles become soft and smooth and get a protective layer against dirt, water and sweat. Even hard-worn or rough leather will restore its suppleness and resistance.

Equifix® Oil Soap is designed for effortless cleaning of equipment made out of plastic, metal or fabric as e.g. brushing boots, halters, grooming equipment, bits etc. Even feed bins and mangers can be cleaned without any difficulty.



For straight use apply Equifix® Oil Soap with a soft cloth or sponge. Let it work in shortly and wipe off any excess oil soap with a clean cloth. Or dilute one to five soup-spoons (according to the degree of soiling) in 10 litres of water and wash the desired item in this dilution. Then dry off with a cloth.



In cases of very hard and brittle leather we recommend the application of Equifix® Leather Oil or Equifix® Leather Balm after cleaning. Feed bins and mangers should be rinsed off with water in order to prevent any temporary change in taste after being cleaned with Equifix® Oil Soap. For a grease-free cleaning (e.g.

seat of saddle or leather furniture) we recommend Equifix® Triplex leather care.

And if you are in a real hurry: Equifix® Lazy-Man!

Available sizes: 500 ml (liquid) ? 1000 ml (solid)

Sold only as sales unit (12 pieces)

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